Monday, January 4, 2010

OMG What a place for LeaderShape!

After a 40 minute drive from Doha, we arrived at the Al Sultan Beach Resort where we will stay for the next 6 days. The place is beyond description...marble, gold, flowers, and beautiful tapestry everywhere! Also the food is amazing..I am not always sure what I am eating but thus far it has all been good. I cannot believe we are here for the Institute. Not that I am complaining about this but when we host LeaderShape in the US, we are typically at a religious or state camp and there is no marble, gold, or amazing food! (The LeaderShape staff have really spoiled me with this assignment!) :)
Camera pictures really do not do this place justice, it is an amazing facility with incredible staff and there is nothing we need or want that is not provided for us. Given all this, the students should be able to fully focus on the Institute and not be sidelined by other issues.
The students are amazing and I am enjoying learning their names and their stories. They represent so many different countries and so many different persepectives --I have no doubt this will only add to the depth of the Institute. We had great conversations today about community and leadership and I know tommorrow will be equally fulfilling!
As usual a few students decided not to attend. That is always a missed opportunity but certainly does not dampen the spirits of those who did attend.
Tomorrow is the challenge course and it will be interesting to see how it is adapted to manage the expected cultural separation of the students by gender.
I will let you know what happens tomorrow.


  1. It's been fun to read your blog so far. It is bringing back good memories for me.

    Is the statue of the panther/cat thing still in the lobby on the way to the dining area?

    Hi to Noor and Abid!

  2. Sounds like you are having an amazing time - helping others have an amazing experience while learning so much about other cultures and the world too. Good luck on the course tomorrow - think of the fun you are missing at FSU checking in 380 transfer students in 19 degree weather at 8 a.m. (there will be multiple hot chocolate/coffee gold, marble, or flowers). Love the picture of you in the big chair! We will work to replace your desk chair with a copy.

  3. wow! Are you going to be able to stand coming back after all that luxury? We miss you!

  4. Will say hi to folks here and yes--they still have the tiger and cat-like creature(?) in the lobby. They are massive and a little scary!

    Sorry to hear about the weather this morning but I have no doubt orientation went well anyway.

    Hope we CAN find a chair like that is amazing and so comfortable.

    Take care and don't worry, I will adjust back to our lifestyle in FL!