Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 of Leadershape!

Today was a BLAST! We had a great morning on the challenge course. I took some great pictures but I did not get the students' permission to post them so I will have to show you them when I see you!
The students are very engaged and doing well in the Learning Community and in their Family Clusters. It does amaze me that college students have relatively the same issues regardless of where they live.

I have attached some additional pictures from the resort lobby and the inside of the front entrance to the resort for your viewing pleasure. You can even tell by the LeaderShape sign holder that we are in pure opulence!
The temperature is around 60-65 degrees each day and falls maybe to 55 or so at night. Very comfortable compared to the 120 degree average during the summer.

Hope you are all well and for those of you at Florida State hope that the first day of classes goes well tomorrow!

More tomorrow..

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