Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 of LeaderShape

Today is going very well. We have already facilitated the balloon castle exercise and it was hysterical. It does not matter what culture you are from -- most people really enjoy playing with balloons. The students did a great job participating and enjoying the exercise.

We also started to talk a lot about vision --if their visions are any indication of the goals of this generation we have nothing to fear! I am excited to read their headlines later this evening -- they always provide a lot of insights.
The rest of the day will include the game videre, creating headlines of what the world would look like if your vision was accomplished, commenting on those headlines, and a guest leader panel. It looks like a fantastic evening.
The picture of the 4 people are our onsite coordinators Nour (1st on left) and Abid (3rd from left) and our program coordinators Lindsay (2nd from left) and Ameena (last person on right).
I have also taken a few more pictures of the lobby, the outside of the resort, and the entrance to my building. I think I will propose this look for our renovations of the Thagard building next year...what do you think? I especially would like us to have the tall red chairs and the animals in our lobby!
*I am having difficulty with my formatting, I cannot figure out how to put spaces after each paragraph -- it is not as simple as you think!

Take care and I will post more tomorrow.


  1. Can I have the lion? Please!

    It's freezing here...literally below freezing. I am so glad you have lovely weather and a fabulous facility, not mention an amazing LeaderShape team. :)

  2. lion I meant Tiger. ROAR!

  3. You can have the I just have to think about the animals we need for all of the other staff! Any ideas?

    Sorry you are so cold...figures while it is cold there I have to come to very warm temperatures -- and you know how I like warm! :)